Funniest Tweets Ever!

Here is a short list of some of my funniest tweets ever!  I love to use other people’s tweets as a jumping off point – try it, it’s fun.

If you have funny tweets too, share them in the comments section.

  • ReTweet @nprnews Egyptian Mummies Diagnosed With Clogged Arteries

@cdeminski: Really? My diagnosis showed no internal organs…


@cdeminski: I can #tweet from my laptop, my cell phone, my #Kindle and my blog, but I still can’t tweet from my microwave oven. So disappointing.


  • RT@hirschorn My 9-year-old son: “I wonder what gay chinese people are like.”

@cdeminski Moo Goo Gai Pan – need I say more?


  • ReTweet @CNN NASA announces new homes for retiring space shuttles.

@cdeminski: Where they play bridge on Sunday and serve jello


@cdeminski: Yep, that and dollar sliders. Oh, and jello shots. Wait, wait, and porn. I think that covers it.


  • RT @nytimes An Arab Spring Fails to Bloom for Iraq Youths

@cdeminski: It’s true, for them it was more just like a bad hay fever season.


  • RT @thebookmaven Reading the latest Jasper Fforde and wondering what the inside of his mind looks like…must be cool!

@cdeminski: Dark, pink and squishy?


  • RT @nytimes N. Korea Says It Is Holding U.S. Citizen

@cdeminski: It isn’t holding so much as hugging and squeezing.


@cdeminski: Which ones do you characterize as “not awkward”?

@cdeminski: If everyone gets 15 minutes of fame, how is that parcelled into 140 character increments? #Twarhol


One Response

  1. Dark humor, Deminski! 🙂

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