Jeter-Meter 3000

I’m not a big sports fan, but I’ve always considered myself to be a Yankees fan.  I don’t watch their games, I don’t even know all the players on the team but I know the players I am interested in: Mariano Riviera and Derek Jeter.

I like Riviera because he is generous, humble and a fantastic pitcher whose miraculous late inning feats have helped shut out teams at the end of many games and sent the Yanks to the World Series several times.

I like Jeter because he seems to be a great team captain, and also seems to have a humility about him (even if he does shill for car and watch companies) and embodies the Yankee spirit.

Today I happened to be sitting in front of a television when the Yankees game was on.  Jeter was one hit away from a career making 3000 hits, amazingly all of those hits were with the Yanks.  I saw him hit the ball (a homer) and hooted and hollered my appreciation of Jeter and his fantastic career.

So, congratulations Derek Jeter.  I wish you many more successful years with the Yankees.  We fans are thrilled with your achievement.


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