What Every Movie Needs – A Few Good Men

While I enjoy movies with the top stars: Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt, why does Hollywood always have to go back to the same pool everytime? And even if they do decide to have these men in the lead roles, why can’t they mix it up on the supporting actor roles?

What would have happened if Clint Eastwood who worked with Morgan Freeman on Unforgiven, had selected Keith David for Million Dollar Baby?  We’ll never know.

Why isn’t Don Cheadle, who gives his heart in roles like Hotel Rwanda, tapped for serious lead roles? He should be. Maybe it should go without saying that black male actors don’t get lead roles nearly as often as they could, or should. That said, I’ll watch Don Cheadle in Crash and Ocean’s Eleven anytime.

And where is Paul Giamatti these days?  He was amazing in the John Adams mini-series, Sideways and The Illusionist but then he also took a role in Fred Claus which is a waste of his talent in my opinion. Why couldn’t he be in a movie like Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr.? I think they’d play off one other very well.

Daniel Day Lewis was unbelievable in There Will Be Blood but he has had long stretches in his career when we don’t see him.  I don’t know if that is his personal choice, and if we look at this filmography he picks winning roles for himself whether In The Name of the Father or My Left Foot but I for one would like to see more of him.

And although he has a very long career behind him, Gene Hackman adds depth to any film he is in from Enemy of the State, and The Royal Tennenbaums to his absolutely stunning performance in David Mamet’s Heist. I’m not as big a fan of all the second-rate bad guy roles he takes on, but when he is given a character with depth and great lines, he will deliver every time.

I could go on and on… Christian Slater has done some great work like Interview with a Vampire, and Untamed Heart but then got sucked into movies like Broken Arrow and unfortunately it looks like he’s been doing a lot of television roles and smaller parts since.

So, take a longer look at all the massive talent sitting on the shelf out there and support films that might be a little further off the beaten Hollywood path.

Who do YOU want to see more of in Hollywood (or Indie) films?  What fantasy movie match ups would you create?  Please comment!

5 Responses

  1. I say bring back William Shatner / Captain Kirk! In Sci Fi, no one ever dies….

    Why does Hollywood go back to the same pool? Because the others don’t make as much money for them, and because big names can save sucky movies (financially).

    • I LOVE William Shatner! He’s pretty busy with his new interview show Shatner’s Raw Nerve. I think he makes a great interviewer in that one on one setting he uses.

      I hear what you are saying about Sci Fi films. Scott Bakula was in a few good Sci Fi television shows too, including one from the Star Trek franchise, and I think he’s under-appreciated. He has a good guy with a big heart quality that I think can go a long way.

      I guess Hollywood wanted to start developing younger Sci Fi talent when they did the Star Trek movie. It took me a year to see that movie because I’m so old school I couldn’t bring myself to watch someone else play Kirk and Spock! lol.

      And yes, I know it’s all about the money. But what Hollywood doesn’t seem to realize is that great scripts and great acting talent, along with a great director equals a great movie.

      That’s what kills me about a movie like Avatar. Avatar’s plot **could** have been okay, but the script and dialogue SUCKED. It didn’t much matter which actors were in the roles because the star of that movie was some new technology and not the people. Giovanni Ribisi was cast in a bizarre bad-guy role, and considering his proven abilities (Boiler Room, etc) it was a shame to see his talent used that way. Sigorney Weaver managed to do alright for herself by trying to be more subtle in a film that was anything but subtle. And the irony was, of course, that the plot driven film The Hurt Locker, won the Best Picture that year, and NOT the movie that made $2 BILLION dollars.

  2. I`ll be waiting for the next film post.
    What Every Movie Needs – A Few Good Women.

  3. Match ups.
    Julia Stiles & Sean Penn.
    Michelle Rodríguez & Matt Damon.

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