Homonym Contest Entry

Hey all,

Janet Reid (aka Query Shark) sponsored a contest yesterday called Sounds Like Panic to Me, in honor of Hurricane Irene. I decided to give it a go, and my entry is below.  If you want to know what specific homonyms had to be used in the contest, take a look at the link… and the other entries are listed there too.


Row! Damn the oars that heave and sigh. The wail of the sea tells me that the weather’s going to change boys.

Row! To the right, to the right! This ain’t no sashay boys, this is a sprint.

Row! The waves are no dam against this rain, whether we stay or go. No whale surfaces here, although they are friend, not foe.

Row! This is a rite of passage, from boys to men you’ll be if we reach the shore. Slough off your fatigue and think of your favorite gal, we don’t want to have to bail these boats.

Row! The reign of the Lady of the Sea is fierce boys, she’s slew many before us with wale upon wale on their flesh, her sachet of salt scent tells me so.

Row! I’ll write the truest tale when we make it boys and raise a glass to you, so row!


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