Just the stats ma’am: improving blog stats

Hit Me - a gratuitous shot of how sexy your blog would be if it had more visitors

Like most blog writers, I’m addicted to blog hits like a crystal meth-head addicted to crack. My “pipe” is that little skyscraper on my “Statistics” page going from 1 or 2 to 10 hits in a day. Once (just once) I actually got 66 hits on my blog in one day. I had posted something on a popular topic, I think it might have been my New Jersey Diner post.

I’ve tried all the stuff you’re supposed to do to make your blog more interesting:

  • putting an image at the top of the blog post
  • creating a snappy title (I could probably do a better job of that)
  • creating lists in the blog post
  • asking  a question at the bottom of the post to engage the reader to respond
  • and using bolded text to call attention to stuff

I also go around to other people’s blogs and read them and participate in the blogging community. I scan the “Writing” tag page pretty consistently and click on anything that looks interesting. (I’ve met a lot of nice writers that way!)

On top of all that, I tweet my blog posts regularly and I used to do StumbleUpon for my blog posts but I found that I just wasn’t getting hits so I don’t do that as much anymore.

Regardless of what I do, I seem to have a consistent number of hits each month, somewhere between 250 – 290.

Who do I need to sleep with around here to up my blog stats?

Okay, maybe that won’t solve the problem, but seriously, what else are you power-bloggers out there doing that makes readers go nutty for your posts?

If you tell me to pick a different topic, we’re gonna come to blows on that, so don’t go there. This blog is about writing, and otherwise curmudgeonly activities of one particular writer.

But aside from that, I’m open to suggestions. Do you have any?

Hit me with your best shot.


19 Responses

  1. Hi Carol, I too have a writing blog but it has “evolved.” I would say it is now a “writing practice” blog, I write about many topics but I try to write as well as I possibly can. I get a lot of hits but not when I write too much. Sometimes I include other people’s material – guest bloggers. I try to ask questions that lead to commentary as you did at the end of your post today. If you are serious about your blog and want some professional, effective advice, go to Bill Belew’s site: http://billbelew.com/ The guy is super-intense but he’s really good at what he does. Another good place to network and get excellent advice on ways to get more blog hits (your drug of choice) is at a writers’ conference. Every year, I go to the one in San Miguel Allende: http://sanmiguelwritersconference2012.org/ Good luck!

    • Thanks so much Joanna, I will check out Bill’s site for more tips!

      I know there are so many writer’s conferences, but I haven’t been to one. I just assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that most of those conferences are about people trying to get novels published, or people trying to meet literary agents who will help them get their novels published.

      As a short story writer/blogger, I just figured there wouldn’t be as much of a networking opportunity since my goals are very different than what I thought “most” are looking for…

      What is the one in San Miguel Allende like?

    • Carol,

      Super-intense? I have been called worse, I suppose. I do take blogging seriously. And for that I am rewarded by blogging being our primary source of income. But my wife…she just got a good job and she may pass me up soon if she hasn’t already.

      Anyway…I created an online webinar – http://billbelew.com/traffic-professor/ – it’s free. Nothing in it for me. But it will tell you what to do to get more traffic. If you don’t have time to watch the short is – Writer MORE…Write BETTER….Write OFTEN….Write LONGER….

      Thanks for the kind words, Joanna. I plan to be in San Miguel Allende again next year…after being in the UK earlier in the month.

      Let me know how it goes, Carol. I love it when bloggers take their work seriously.


      • Hi Bill,

        Thanks for dropping by! I did look at your free webinars, and the thing that intimidated me was the numbers of postings you were quoting. Some of those blogs you reference were posting several times a day not just a few times a week. I’m only one person, I will exhaust myself (and probably put out a mediocre product) if I try to do that.

        That said, there must be some happy middle ground between getting 1000 hits a day vs. not even making it regularly to 20 hits a day!! I’d be extraordinarily happy to achieve 40 hits a day, and I’d be blown away if my blog ever reaches 100 hits a day – as long as they are MEANINGFUL hits. I’m not interested (as you mention in your webinar) in people coming to your blog for 30 seconds. That sounds like more like an accidental click than anything else.

        So I will do my best to post more frequently, but right now 2-3 times a week is what I’ve been able to muster. If I can increase it to 4 times a week, that would be miraculous – at least I could do it as a test – to see if it really does increase my hits substantially.

        Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing your own experiences Bill.

        All the best,

  2. Not a “Power blogger” here as I average 30-40 hits/day, but when I get a great day of 200-300 hits it seems to be because of a strategic mention elsewhere, or a sudden rush from StumbleUpon. However, when I dig into my stats I see that the Stmblers rarely stay for more than a few seconds and do not seems to revisit often. The challenge is to get an audience that revisits your blog regularly and shares it with others. I find that Twitter has helped give me that audience, but I know some of it is because I RT certain folks regularly (via Twitterfeed) so they reciprocate.

    For me, my most productive posts get picked up by others and take on a life of their own….today, my post on “Easter Bunnies” (http://bluelionphotos.blogspot.com/2011/04/easter-bunnies.html) had 16 hits despite it having been posted back in April. Stumblers have regularly visited it so it helps to pump up my stats. I’m also not shy about re-tweeting old posts to expose them to newer members of my hopefully growing audience.

    As a science teacher running a nature photo blog I expect folks come for the eye candy, so I keep things concise and try to share something of interest/education for the non science types I expect make up the bulk of my visitors.

    Like you, I still am wondering what the secret is from going from less than 100 hits a day to the blogs I see that generate more than 1000 daily hits. (A tetrapod zoology blog averages 2500+ a DAY!). I really think it has to do with growing a network that builds a readership that is wide. Once it reaches some (mysterious to me) critical mass, the numbers become self sustaining to some degree.

    That’s my 2 cents worth…I’m interested in what you think and what others think… I know I can learn a lot!
    Cheers from Texas,

    • Geez, I’ve never gotten 30-40 hits a day, but I think there is a lot to what you are saying about hitting “critical mass” and then the hits taking off from there. Getting blog readers is darn hard work it turns out.

      Thanks for the visit and the comments John! And as always thanks for the repeated re-tweets on Twitter, you’re the best!

  3. As far as I can see you are doing the right thing, especially in being active on other people’s blogs (I know myself that after receiving a comment, especially from someone new, I go and check out what they have been up to.) I also regularly use tag surfer to find people with similar interests to increase conversation. So yeah, I guess my advice is to be specific in your tagging because it will help people find you 🙂 Know though you have a reader and a friend in me!

    (ps I receive about 50 hits a day on average, which is awesome!)

    • Thanks for your comment that I’m “doing the right thing” Louise. I feel like I am taking the right steps, I probably just need to be more patient until I hit the “critical mass” / “tipping point” for the blog that sends me into the stratosphere!

      Meanwhile, I’m impatient for my Buzz Lightyear Moment. LOL

      And you’re as sweet as pie girlfriend. I DO count you as a reader and a friend, and that is what makes the blog successful in ANY sense of the word.

  4. Great questions. Unfortunately I’m no power-blogger, so don’t have anything useful to add. But I will keep an eye on the comments here!

    • I somehow managed to get 32 hits on the blog last night (Saturdays and Sundays seem to be my “most active hit” days on my blog) and today thusfar I have 16 hits, which is probably a record for a Monday.

      I’ll be honest with you though Scribbla, YOU were the one that inspired me to really go out and look for similar blogs and make comments. I see that you do that regularly and I thought it was a great idea. So while neither one of us may be power-bloggers (yet?) – I think you have the right idea by participating meaningfully in the writing community!

      • Thanks Carol for your kind words. What I’ve found is that even though the numbers aren’t all that high, the quality of readers and comments (and writers) that visit my site is exceptional. And we’re all in the process of creating an amazing community. To me, that, is the worth every bit of effort.

        • Well said Scribbla! I agree, the best part about having a community of writers in the blog-o-sphere is being able to interact, read one another’s writing and enjoy the company – including yours my friend!


  5. Hear hear, Scribbla. What a fantastic sentiment 😀

  6. I’ve been so buried in the day gig, I didn’t see your post until now. I feel for you on the whole “can really only blog 2 -3 times a week”. Seriously. I want to relate to other writers and readers, build a web presence and so on – but – I also want to WRITE. And I agree with you, I don’t want to just blog any old crap. After all, my name is attached to it! So, I don’t know ( no power bloggin’ here), but one thing I have learned that seems to relate to every endeavor we might try: hanging in there. Not being a patient person myself, I find it next to impossible! But I believe ultimately that if we hang in there, and do have something real to offer, we will build that following. Go team!

    • Yeah, I’m not very patient either Wren, especially when it comes to my writing. But patience is warranted, there is no doubt.

      I hope this post was helpful though, there have been some great comments, suggestions and thoughts here. 🙂

      Go team indeed!

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  9. […] I posted: Just the Stats Ma’am: Improving Blog Stats on October 9th and I put out a list of activities I was currently doing, and asked my readers and […]

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