Writing Frequency = More Salad, Less Laundry

Stop making that salad and go write!

I recently read “when you write more…you write more”

Which lead me to consider…

Q. What does writing more mean?

A. It means writing more frequently and for longer durations.


Huh. That sounds so easy, doesn’t it?


Just sit down at the computer and…

Oh, the phone is ringing. It’s my friend, he wants to talk about his trip to Greece and his friend who just had a baby and the guy’s wife, and what they ate, and………

— 2 hours later —

Just sit down at the computer…

*grumble, grumble* My stomach is rumbling. I’d better go make a salad. I love cucumber salads, but that means peeling the cucumbers. Don’t forget the salad dressing.

Just sit down at the…

I forgot to put my clothes in the laundry.  That’ll just take a minute. Get the laundry soap, dial in the right water temperature…

Just sit down…

Hmm, I hadn’t noticed how nice it is outside. I haven’t been outside all day, and it’s already the afternoon.  If I don’t go outside now, I’ll miss all the daylight. Besides, I’m out of cucumbers, I could walk to the grocery store and that would mean I was being productive.


Q. So what does writing more mean?

A. It means I can’t do anything other than sit and write. Not talking on the phone, not sleeping, not doing laundry, not taking a walk outside, and while I might include a break for cucumber salad… it’d better be quick.


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