Photos: Monte Alban and Children by a Church Door, Oaxaca Mexico

I went to Mexico back in September, and I posted a few blog items about it (the pyramid in Cholula, traveler safety in Puebla and Oaxaca, etc.) but I didn’t focus much on Monte Alban.
I took this picture from atop another pyramid structure, across from these other ruins at the Monte Alban site in Oaxaca. We had a magnificent day weather-wise, as you can see from the mountains in the background. Monte Alban is a very special place, and a Unesco World Heritage site.
If you go to my Shutterfly site, I have a page dedicated to the truly incredible stuff I saw while I was in Oaxaca.
Towards the bottom, on the right hand side of my shutterfly page, I have 18 photographs in a scrolling slide show with images of Monte Alban, including some artifacts found in the tombs there that are now on display in the Santo Domingo museum in the city of Oaxaca. One of the most impressive artifacts from Tomb 7, which was the largest cache of items found in any single tomb on the site, was a turquoise encrusted skull (also in the slide show).
But no matter how many ancient relics I see, it’s always the people that really make the whole experience come alive.

2 Responses

  1. Beautiful pictures and wonderful text, Carol. I especially love the contrast between the two photos.

    • Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed the pix, the trip was incredibly inspiring.

      As you probably already know, I LOVE your blog and your sense of humor. I sense a kindred spirit in the way you express yourself.

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