Photo: Zion Landscape – All the President’s Men



All the President's Men

Zion National Park, Utah is a gem of a National Park. It’s made up of the most amazing striated rock landscapes, including this one, which I caught with the light and shadows illuminating it just wonderfully.




4 Responses

  1. LOVE Zion – you pick the best places to vacation! I’ve always wanted to go back and get a backcountry permit to backpack in.

    • Thanks Wren, I’ve focused a lot of my vacation time over many years now on National Parks, and Zion is such a gorgeous gem among them. The most amazing thing about my trip to Zion last year was that there was a freak multi-day rain storm in the southwest and it caused all of the waterfalls in Zion to be at peak volume. The ranger told me that he never saw the waterfalls so full, even during the Spring. If you check out my Shutterfly site, I have a page dedicated to Zion, with an emphasis on all the AMAZING waterfalls I captured.

  2. You write … As an amateur photographer … ?!
    I think you are a very good photographer.

    I visited Zion in August 1995. [there was no water]
    No waterfall in Zion, no waterfall in Yosemite.

    You captured the waterfalls beautiful.

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