Photos: Children at Play, Montreal

Child at play in Montreal's Place Des Arts

 We can learn a lot from watching children. Even the simplest activity, looking at the ground for example, takes on a level of fascination adults would have a hard time bringing to that same activity.

Running in the fountain - Montreal Place Des Arts





4 Responses

  1. Nothing like a child staring intently at something…unless you want her/him to get dressed for school 🙂

  2. Lovely photos Carol – Montreal – that feels galaxies away from Sydney, Aus! One day I would really like to visit 🙂

    • Thanks Louise, how are you doing? 🙂

      Montreal is lovely, and for me it’s only about an 8 hour drive straight north from New York City, which is how I got there when I went on this trip.

      I would LOVE to visit Sydney. If you have photos of your home city, I’d love to see those too!

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