Photos: The Dakota and Central Park Reservoir

Today was a great day, the weather was beautiful and clear and warm enough to be comfortable. I spent the afternoon going to a few museums in New York City, and I walked through Central Park. The Dakota has such a great presence on the reservoir.  I was on Central Park West looking east, and got some reflective shots in the water.

The reflection of the Dakota in the Central Park Reservoir, NYC

I also loved how the light was casting long shadows at the time I walked by, so I caught a shot of two women walking together and talking while their shadows follow along behind them.

Shadows of New Yorkers

And of course depending on your perspective, you can take a picture where the entire city looks so small in comparison to the reservoir, it almost disappears…

Central Park Perspectives

 This shot shows more of the architectural beauty of The Dakota building, I think it’s spectacular.

4 Responses

  1. Beautiful images of my hometown! I love Central Park and also the Dakota… home of John Lennon & Yoko Ono. Also ( I assume you know) the site of Lennon’s murder. Thanks for this post & I hope you are having a great NYC visit!

    • Hey John, yes I know John Lennon and Yoko Ono have an apartment there, and Yoko still lives there. I didn’t visit Strawberry fields, which is the 2.5 acre memorial site to John Lennon inside Central Park with a mosaic that says “Imagine” in the center, but it’s right near the Dakota and the site of where the memorial was held the night Lennon died.

      FYI – I’m not a visitor to NYC, I live here. I live in the “Sixth Borough” of NYC, Jersey City, NJ. We are connected to NYC via Path train, which is basically a subway line that goes under the Hudson River. It takes me about 5 minutes to get to lower Manhattan, the Battery Park area, by Path. That’s much faster than anywhere else in Manhattan, including mid-town!

  2. Cool! I never realized you were in the Metro area! I grew up in Manhattan in the east 20’s. My 84 year old dad still lives there and I love getting to visit. I’m envious that you get to be there for the holiday season! CHEERS!

    • Thanks John. It’s true, it would be easy enough for me to take a run over to Rockerfeller Center, snap pictures of the NYC X-mas tree, etc.

      Just the other day I checked out the annual Macy’s holiday windows. I liked them, they were unusual though, puppets and a space theme all in white and silver.

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