Flash Fiction: Consider the Pomegranate

Listen to me read this story

Consider the Pomegranate

Red garnets and rubies overflowing in indecent abundance. For Eve, the irresistible blush of her sex. Scarlet caviar draped in white lace lingerie, the rose colored ovum waiting to give rise to mankind. In ancient Iran, sweet Persian teardrops in the sheik’s harem to stain the lips of his concubines. Elixir to sate the Indian lovers of the Kama Sutra; lure of Zeus to coax Persephone from Hades realm.



2 Responses

  1. Really nice Carol. I think you could put together a collection of these poetic pieces – I’d want one!

    • Thanks so much Wren, you’re very kind. It’s funny, I still can’t figure out if they are prose or poetry – they kind of straddle the line I think?

      I hope you survived this past weekend okay, especially Black Friday… :-}

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