The Big Easy, Crescent City – NoLa here I come

I’ve been thinking about taking a writing break for a while, and I considered a few locations for my trip. I ultimately decided on New Orleans, LA (NoLa) as my destination. I’ll stay there for nearly three weeks – the longest writing break I’ve ever taken, which is very exciting.

New Orleans has been on my mind since 2005 and Hurricane Katrina. I’ve been looking for the chance to go back to the city (I’ve been there once before) and spend tourist dollars to support the local economy. This extended trip will allow me to do that.

I’ve been able to rent space in a furnished apartment – something I’ve never done before – which will put me in a nice neighborhood within walking distance of public transportation, all without killing my lodging budget. In fact, based on the number of days I’ll be away, my daily lodging costs will be less than $40 bucks a day. Add in big bonuses of having access to a kitchen to do cooking some of the time, a refrigerator to store food and drink, and wireless internet access so I can post here and check email, and it makes the acc0modations that much more enticing.

It was important to me for this trip to not have to worry about renting a car and New Orleans has plenty of public transport, including a streetcar line rolling through the Garden District. I’m sure I’ll be using it heavily. My ‘host’ mentioned the trip to the French Quarter is less than 15 minutes away which gives me tons of opportunities to explore all the nooks and crannies of the neighborhood.

New Orleans is such a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, music and art, it can’t help but be an inspiring place to soak up impressions for interesting stories. So much of a writer’s life is spent observing others, and smelling, tasting and experiencing the environment around us. I know from my past travels a change in scenery can start the creative fires burning so I’m hopeful NoLa will lend me her gracious southern hospitality to achieve my writing goals.

I won’t be leaving for a few more weeks, but my mind is more than halfway there…


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  1. Wow Carol – Sounds like a lot of fun. Vacations where you rent a place for a period of time have always been my favorite over hotel stays. Enjoy!

  2. Carol, sounds awesome. Have a great time. Bon Voyage!

  3. Ooo, I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans! Have fun and post pictures 🙂

  4. Wow – that sounds fabulous! Even though you will be taking a writing break, still carry us in your heart so that you bring back the fabulous impressions you are sure to find there. I’m excited for you.

    • Thanks Scribbla. So, when I said “writing break” I meant taking a break so I could get some writing done, not to stop writing. 😀

      And fortunately I’ll have internet access while I’m there, so I’m hoping to be able to post photographs and postings directly from NoLa!

  5. Congratulations on picking New Orleans as your destination. I have a deep love for that unique city (my son goes to school at Tulane) and am sure you will have both a fun and meaningful time.

    My blog entries on New Orleans:

    Thanks for sharing.

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