Stories Accepted for publication: Blink Ink!

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Doug Mathewson, Blink Ink editor has accepted a pair of micro-fiction pieces (Blink Ink publishes 50 word stories…) for the Spring 2012 issue.

Quick story on how my submission came about:

For the Right Hand Pointing “Cities” issue Dale Wisely (Right Hand Pointing editor) asked the writers to proof-read the issue prior to publication. It turns out Blink Ink editor Doug Mathewson and I both have pieces appearing in that issue coming any moment now in December. I hadn’t visited the Blink Ink site before, but Doug’s story in RHP made me curious.

I checked out the Blink Ink site and I was intrigued by the challenge of a 50 word story that was self-contained. I’ve learned that micro-fiction can be extremely challenging to write, but I enjoy it. My inspiration for the pair of pieces was familial in nature and highly personal, which resonated with Doug and for that I am grateful.

But you’ll have to wait until Spring 2012 to find out what I wrote! Of course I’ll publish a link to the stories here, along with a permanent link on the Published Stories page.


4 Responses

  1. That rollercoaster keeps picking up speed for you – right on!

  2. Carol you are incredible! Keep going. I am so happy for you!

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