You have to check this out: HitRecord!

HitRecord is the brain child of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I think it’s a fantastic idea. The concept behind his website is to bring together thousands of artists from all over the world who are collaborating on hundreds of artistic projects.

One example is The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Vol I, which was recently published by Harper Collins. It is a collaboration of nearly a hundred artists doing text and drawings for the book. They all found each other and collaborated THROUGH the hitRECord website. The best part is that the fruits of the labors of these artists are paid for through the profits of the project.  The idea is once the production costs are covered, hitRECord splits the remaining amount 50/50 between hitRECord (the company) and the artists involved.

What a wonderful way for Joe (who refers to himself as “Regular Joe” on the website in his recorded video commentaries called “The Regularity”) to share his fame and industry connections with so many other talented artists. I also think it’s a phenomenal use of social media to leverage the collective artistic brain power of so many people.

I’ve joined hitRECord and I can be found under the user name Cdeminski. I’ve already uploaded some audio files of me speaking, a jpg computer drawing I did and some text entries as well. Anyone who has a creative spirit can join and contribute.

The best part of all of this is the collaboration. It’s so exciting to see one person’s idea get REmixed and used or combined with other ideas to make something more interesting.

And based on the information shared on the site, hitRECord will be presenting some of their work at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. My understanding is that the projects for the festival are going on right now, with plenty of opportunities for people to participate.

So come on, what are you waiting for? hitRECord!