NoLa Diary #5 – a study of Magazine Street

Near the highway overpass intersection with Magazine Street (a few blocks walk from the Ogden Museum and Contemporary Art Center) there is a section of Magazine Street with the decayed remains of radiator shops, dilapidated lounges and abandoned buildings. While some people might look at these places and see something ugly, I think these places are beautiful when seen through a certain lens.

The images that follow are a small study I did of that section of Magazine Street.

Cotton Mill Water Tower - Magazine St

I admit, there is something particularly southern about a water tower with the words “Cotton Mill” on the side sitting atop a warehouse building. When you add in the charming New Orleans Street lamp, I couldn’t help but take this shot.

Crescent City Radiator Works - Magazine St

 The Crescent City Radiator works sits on the edge of the Garden District side the overpass (the Cotton Mill tower sits on the Central Business District side).  I loved the textures of the paint on the side of the building along with the decaying shutters on the roof.

Bridge Lounge - Magazine St

 The Bridge Lounge was one of my favorite subjects on Magazine Street today. With the blue Ford pickup in the foreground and the highly textured green wood of the building, along with the leaning porch awnings, this is certainly a subject I’d come back to shoot again. If you look at the left hand side of the picture, you’ll notice a very old fashioned truck in an almost identical matching shade of green as the building. Kind of an amazing coincidence.

Yellow House and pigeons

I nearly walked right by this lot of pigeons scratching in the dirt but the sky cleared a bit and lit up the yellow house in the background and the juxtaposition of the sky, house and the pigeons in the foreground caught my eye.

Abandoned beauty - Magazine St

 I found this abandoned building to have a beauty all its own. I imagine this particular building was one of the many buildings ravaged by the flood and for whatever reason it still has not been torn down. As you can (kind of) tell from the picture, the lot in front of the building has been scoured down to the concrete slab, and you cannot see from this image but the lots behind this building are also empty. I’m glad to say that this building was the only one I saw like this on Magazine Street.

Coca Cola on the porch - Magazine St

While it’s true some houses were still boarded up, but many others had bright and cheerful colors painted on them with plants and foliage on the porch along with beautiful columns or other architectural details. From talking to some of the people in the neighborhood I gather that Magazine Street has “come back” pretty well over the last 2 years or so, and many neighborhoods of the city continue to re-build themselves and improve.

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