An Investigative Inquiry About Clickages

Dear readers, I’ve noticed something quite peculiar about my blog, and I’m wondering if you have experienced the same thing?

About 50% of my posts have Links to other things, whether references to places I’ve visited in real life, points of interest on the web, photographs, and most importantly to me – links to my stories – and guess what? You don’t click them. You don’t click them longtime. 😦

How is it I’ve come to know this, you ask? Well, on the WordPress Dashboard there is a “Clicks” area which shows which links were clicked (pretty sneaky, right?)

Why is it readers don’t click on any links, hardly ever?

Can some magical blog guru out there please explain why this is so? I thought people liked links?

I’m so confooosed about this one.

Thanks for listening…


CODA – I found a Copy Blogger article online that says people need you to insert the words “Click Here” so people will know to click. Really? That seems too simple to me.  But according to the stats quoted, using “Click Here” can lift click rates by up to 8%. Soooo, if you’d like to read the Copy Blogger article….. uh, Click Here.


2 Responses

  1. I typically only click on them (not necessarily yours – but in general 😉 ) if they pertain to a site review, or book I might want to buy, etc. Also – sometimes I’m hesitant to get too distracted ( easy for me!) by going from one link to the next to the next to the next….

    • That’s interesting Wren, thanks very much for sharing that.

      I feel like somehow I’m not doing my part to promote my stories enough, and I’m not sure how to do that more successfully. Getting people to click the links from my Published Stories page doesn’t seem to be working… so I’ll have to keep trying to find other ways…..

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