NoLa Diary #14 – Birds of a Feather: Audobon Park II

Today was a sunny day with temperatures in the 70’s, I decided to head back to Audobon Park to enjoy the scenery and to take more photographs of the birds in the park since there is such an amazing variety.

Feathered friends - Audobon Park

It’s very relaxing to walk in Audobon Park, and I love seeing all the little kids on their bicycles or the people jogging or sitting on the benches. Although the park isn’t that large, you can do a “lap” by walking the path that circumnavigates the park and take in different views of the scenery from many angles.

Beautiful fountain

And there are tons of birds. The air is filled with quacking, squawking, chirping and all manner of bird calls.

Enjoying the sunshine - 3 turtles on a log and two ducks looking on


And the birds aren’t just in the water either. Sometimes they climb up onto the banks of the stream that runs through the park and take refuge in the shade of the bushes.

I call him the Ugly Duckling - he's got a face only his mother could love


And let’s not forget the herons who never cease to amaze me; they are so beautiful…

The heron - such a majestic bird


And it seems that the trees in the park are ancient; I love their twisted limbs.

Beautiful Tree - Audobon Park



Audon Park and St. Charles Ave. streetcar


the only thing better than one NoLa classic is two: Audobon Park and the St. Charles Avenue streetcar together.


2 Responses

  1. Gorgeous! I would love to go to that park and see the birds (and turtles) 😉

    • I have to say, I was very impressed with the variety of birds and the quantity is a bit daunting. The cacaphony of sound is amazing there are so many of them.

      Also, I’m glad to show a side of NoLa that isn’t just Bourbon Street or French Quarter focused. There are so many wonderful neighborhoods in New Orleans to explore!

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