Meet Short Film Maker Derin Kivaner

Derin Kivaner is very talented.

I don’t mean that casually as in, oh, she directs short films and she’s talented. I mean Derin is Turkish and speaks several foreign languages including English, writes English fluently, sings like a songbird, has her own band, and THEN she directs short films, and produces them, writes the scripts, does the lighting, puts together the soundtrack, and gathers all the actors for her works and does the casting.

Yeah. Talented like that.

Did I mention she’s 23?

Oh, I’ll throw that out here as if all of us could do half the things she does passionately at 23.

If you want to get a tiny glimpse of how talented she is, you will immediately CLICK HERE and watch some of her Vimeo clips of her short films. Some are charming and funny like I Love Me, and others are more serious and lovesick like Lighter. Her “show reel” is a great montage of many of her works in one sitting.

Derin and I have begun our adventure together by chatting yesterday via the internet. We worked over script concepts and how to adapt the settings in my short story to settings she has available in Istanbul. Of course it is fascinating to see pictures of neighborhoods in Istanbul that can “stand in” for the types of locations I was talking about in my story, set in NYC. Of course it won’t be a direct translation, but you know, I love the idea that my little story can be stretched and made universal to adapt to a different cultural context.

We discussed actors and who might be best for the parts. Of course, she knows oodles of talented actors, and has an impressively keen eye to know who will do well in particular roles.

It’s hard to describe how exciting it is to be working on this right now, but trust me, it is extremely satisfying.

More to come…