Story accepted by The Molotov Cocktail!

It is gratifying for me to have found a home for a little story called How We Found Each Other. Molotov Cocktail editor Josh Goller gave me the chance after submitting my work to him for the first time. That’s after having been rejected twenty other times by twenty other editors, mind you.

It’s strange how it goes sometimes, when a writer comes across the right editor with the right eye for the right story. My experience is it can be, and often is, serendipitous, but this is such a happy connection for an unusual story. Thank you Josh.

The story will appear on the Molotov Cocktail site this coming Wednesday, February 15th.

In a strange twist of fate another story, The Price of Luxury, will appear in PANK Magazine on that day too after having been accepted around December of last year. That’s thanks to miraculous PANK editor Roxane Gay, who gave me an amazing opportunity to appear in PANK. Thank you Roxane.

So, Happy Valentines Day to me. I’m grateful to see my babies going out into the world and finding their way.

By now, everybody who reads my blog regularly knows the drill…but for those who just joined the program in the last few days (thank you new readers!) I will post links to the stories on Thursday, and then permanent links will be placed on the Published Stories page.