Another story accepted by Bartleby Snopes!

Nathaniel Tower, editor of Bartleby Snopes made me a happy woman today by accepting another story from me.

Last year he published The Return of the Lone Ranger, a flash fiction piece. This time around, the piece he accepted is The Paperboy, a story near and dear to me. The Paperboy is a “longer” short story (it’s NOT flash fiction kids, yay!) I wrote the first draft of The Paperboy in 2009. After countless re-writes and refinements, it’s finally found a home with Bartleby Snopes.

The Paperboy will be published in May and I’m so happy about it. I feel validated in some way because I never gave up on this story, and kept at it year after year.

I’ll post the link here when I get it – permanent link goes onto the … wait for it … Published Stories page!