Flash Fiction: Pangea


We met 250 million years ago. You were young, self-absorbed and surrounded by your friends. Like other cliques, we drifted apart. There were small cracks at first; they grew into chasms. North America splintered off. South America soon followed. Africa repositioned itself; it stayed closer to Europe than any of us expected. Antarctica and Australia didn’t want anything to do with you; each went their own way. You were the mysterious one Atlantis. When you left we became less than our sum; so many archipelagos strewn in our wake. We never should have split; we were so much better together.


5 Responses

  1. Very clever, and I like the emotions of continents.

  2. well, the case is that we split in order to reunite….here is the opportunity but how many can see it? here I have hard time to convince people that Europeans are going to become one nation in a few years. And imagine they have the same orgin. How can I make people see that we are all people from the same planet? It seems easy but it seems so difficult at the same time. Especially when we try to put it into practice. I think that only with personal internal work people will realize their connectiveness to other humans.

  3. well, there is no should in real life. It happens for some reason. We split from the source to reconnect in another dimension and this is the journey we see in many traditions, religions, myths…it is a cycle for the human species collectively and individually, like Odyssey, to return back to a source where originally come from.

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