My Oscar Predictions – Sort of

Here are my Oscar predictions for tonight. Oh yeah, I haven’t seen all the movies, but do you really think that’s gonna stop me? Also, this past year wasn’t exactly a series of knockout films either. But the show must go on!

Best Oscar Host: Billy Crystal, who else? Yes, I want to watch him dance around and hear his cheesy “It’s a Wonderful Night for Oscar” song about the best picture flicks, so sue me.

Best Actor – George Clooney for The Descendants. Yes, I think he’s going to beat that French guy no one has heard of for The Artist. In my opinion, George Clooney did a much better job in Out of Sight than The Descendants, but I think he’s a favorite to win for sentimental reasons.

Best Actress – Viola Davis for The Help. I haven’t seen the movie, so this is a guess based on everybody saying Viola Davis. Everyone keeps saying -as usual- it was Meryl’s to lose for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher, but apparently The Iron Lady wasn’t that good so Meryl gets another rubber chicken dinner and she can smile at the camera and shrug, as if to say, oh well…I’ll do it again next year, so don’t worry about little ol’ me.

Actor/Actress in a Supporting RoleWho cares? I haven’t seen any of these movies, although I really wish I had had a chance to see Bridesmaids, damn it. Maybe Melissa McCarthy will win, but I doubt it since she is up against 2 supporting noms for The Help. Also, have you noticed how nobody has been talking about these categories at all. If Jonah Hill wins for Moneyball, I’ll laugh my butt off. It’ll probably be sentimental favs either Christopher Plummer or Max von Sydow.

Best Director – it’ll be a little sad to see that in a category this year with both Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen that neither of them will win. Maybe the director of The Artist (again who no one has ever heard of and by no one I mean me) will take this one, then again, it could go to Alexander Payne for The Decendants, but it’ll definitely be one of the two of them.

Best Picture – The Descendants. I actually saw this movie, and I didn’t think it was all that great. It was “okay” with decent plot twists. It’s really a reflection of a not-that-great year in movies. I need to go see The Artist. You know The Artist has The Weinstein’s behind it, and we all know what Bob and Harvey can do for a movie (Shakespeare in Love, anybody?) so I guess it’s possible The Artist could pull it away from The Descendants, but I don’t know… a silent, black and white movie starring French people? Nah… come on.


Post Oscar re-cant – so clearly it’s a bad idea to not watch movies and then try to predict what’s going to happen. Here’s who actually won:

Best Actor – Jean DuJardin, The Artist

Best Actress – Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady (Yay!)

Best Director – the French Director from The Artist

Best Picture – The Artist

What movie do I need to go out and see immediately? The Artist.

Thank you and good night!


10 Responses

  1. “I need to go see The Artist.”

    Good grief! ! ! You haven’t seen it?!?!?

    Yes, you do. The two leads are brilliant (Berenice Bejo is a joy and delight all through).

    Before I saw it, I thought someone would have to be crazy to make a film in B&W and silent. But they pulled it off beautifully.

    This one is a great companion piece to “Singin’ in the Rain”. Not quite as good (but then, not many are)

    PS: See if you can find this movie: OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies (2006).

    Why? Here’s why:

    Director: Michel Hazanavicius
    Writer: Michel Hazanavicius (scenario and dialogue)
    Stars: Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo.

    The same trio who did “OSS 117”. It’s a completely different movie.

    • That’s pretty fascinating re: OSS 117. I’ve never heard of that movie, and I’ve never heard of any of those three folks before this year. It’s probably not a coincidence since they’re foreign and haven’t been in American movies. (I’m guilty of being low on my foreign film quotient in recent years…)

      Yes, I agree, I will have to see The Artist… but at this point, unless it wins big tonight, it’s probably already disappeared from movie theaters.

      What’s a girl to do?

      P.S. Yes, Singin’ In the Rain is a joy to watch. Who can resist Gene, Debbie and Donald? I can’t!

      • We saw “Singin’…” at a film history series. The presenter told us that Reynolds and O’Connor both said that Kelley was the hardest person they ever worked for,

        At one point, Reynolds got so discouraged by Kelly’s perfectionism that she hid under a piano in the studio (grand, I suspect). Another actor came by, saw her, asked “what’s wrong”, and gradually talked her out of it. Guy’s name was Fred Astaire.

        There’s a clip of Kelly and Astaire dancing together. Hey! There’s more than one! This isn’t the one I was thinking if, but it’s pretty good:

        Astaire and Kelly (7:18). There are some other versions, but this one has the lead-in, which great. (Reminds me of the Bing Crosby/David Bowie “Little Drummer Boy”.)

        • I love both Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, but their dancing styles are soooo different. Gene Kelly has this very muscular thing going on, very masculine I think. Fred is much more about elegance and refinement, and both of them do the comedic touch very well.

          Also, I’ll see your Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire combo and raise you a Fred Astaire dancing with a coat rack – truly the epitome of brilliant dance on film.

        • “…and raise you a Fred Astaire dancing with a coat rack”

          I’ve seen that one. Truly impressive. And you’re absolutely right: Astaire was elegance personified; Kelly was athletic (and often had the camera move all over the place – as in “Singin’ in the Rain”).

          But I’ll see your hat rack and raise you a pair of roller skates.

          But for “extreme tapdancing”, nobody beats the Nicholas Brothers

          As the guy says, “Don;t try this at home”. At 2:25, “hold onto your hat”.

  2. Sheesh, I haven’t seen 85% of the movies nominated. I need to put my pen down and go to the movies!

    I heard the Descendants was great, and my friends have been buzzing about The Artist.

    One thing we definitely agree on: Billy Crystal is the man!

    • In terms of The Descendants, it wasn’t GREAT in the way that The Royal Tennenbaums was GREAT or the way that Groundhog Day was GREAT. The Descendants was good, and a solid performance by George Clooney. It wasn’t even George Clooney’s best performance of his career, but the Oscars don’t work that way anyway…

      Is it worth seeing? Yes, I’d certainly say it is….

      • The prof. giving the film history series here said that Clooney is this generation’s Cary Grant. Grant could do any kind of role from comedy to romance to drama. Clooney is pretty much the same.

        And both, moderately good looking.

  3. Carol, “The Artist” was great. And my sentimental favorite for best movie is Midnight in Paris. I know it won’t win, but I loved it.

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