February 2012 Rejection

Okay, I’ve been resisting sharing my rejections. I’ve seen Court do it, I’ve seen Hannah do it, and there I was looking from the sidelines…but no more. I’m boldly going where…well, where Court and Hannah have lured me to go.

Here is the list of rejections from February 2012. I’ll note where the rejection had a personal note, vs. a standard form rejection. Make of it what you will…

I’d really appreciate any comments on this long list of shame. Do you guys find this interesting? Helpful? Amusing?


Wigleaf – personal

Carte Blanche


Elimae – personal


Passages North


Gigantic – personal

Fractured West

Neon – personal

Blood Orange Review

Mud Luscious Online

Black Warrior


Word Riot – personal

A-Minor – personal

Used Furniture Review

Third Coast

Beloit Poetry Journal – personal

Smokelong Quarterly

Camroc Press – personal

Flashquake – personal


The Collagist

Corium – personal

Grey Sparrow Press – personal

Kill author

Necessary Fiction – personal


The Northville Review

Revolution House – personal

Slushpile – personal




21 Responses

  1. Feels good to get it out there, don’t it?

    • Honestly I’m not sure. Is this supposed to be cathartic? It sort of gave me a heart attack to put all those names out there…

    • I will say this – your list has inspired me to submit to places I never heard of before, including Revolution House, Flywheel, A-Minor, and others, so Thank You.

      At a minimum, maybe people can benefit from seeing who submits where and then getting introduced to new markets, which is a good thing.

      • Look at all those personal rejects – sure, you’re stuck in the friendzone, but just one more step up the ladder and you’re there.

        I have certainly found logging my rejections to be enormously cathartic. Once I put a reject up on my blog I never think about it again. That alone is worth it for me, to say nothing of the hope I hope it gives others.

        • Revolution House, Flywheel, A-Minor – they’re good folks.

        • Thanks for that comment about the ‘friendzone.’ That part does make me feel good, it’s true.

          And you know, your page does give me hope, so if I can do that for others it is totally worth it….

          Thanks Court. πŸ™‚

        • Yes, I agree re: Revolution House, A-Minor and Flywheel.

          Nicolette (A-Minor editor) has been so supportive and encouraging, I’ll add. She’s been really generous with her feedback, which is truly appreciated.

  2. So many personal rejections! This is great, I’m totally going to look into a bunch of these publications. Thanks for the shout out too :]

    • Yeah, it is really nice to have a dialogue with an editor or editorial team, rather than just the ol’ standard form rejection. It makes a huge difference in the quality of the interaction.

      And thank you Hannah, for putting your own page out there. You’ve introduced me to markets I didn’t know, I hope I can do the same in return!

  3. Thank you, I find this really helpful as well. Did any of the personal responses give you any useful feedback?

    • Thanks Vanessa. And YES, the feedback I got was incredibly helpful!

      When editors comment on story submissions, they give you insight into how they think about their own editorial vision, and/or they give you feedback on why that particular story didn’t work. Many times, they tell you what did work too, despite the fact they rejected it. In any case, all feedback is good feedback because no feedback tells you nothing.

      • Thanks, I wasn’t sure. Great you got so much feedback then even if it is a rejection. πŸ™‚

        • Vanessa, I’m curious, have you submitted much (at all?) to literary magazines? If you haven’t yet, and you have stories you feel are ready, you should try it.

          I’m sure you know this, but rejection is a part of the process, and it’s never to be taken personally. Don’t worry about whether or not the story is rejected, see it as encouragement to keep going until you find the right market that does publish it.

          For a chuckle, you may want to read my blog post Reasons Why Your Short Story Was Rejected. It’s my way of poking fun at the whole process. πŸ™‚

        • I haven’t submitted anything in a long time. Last time I seriously wrote was about 7 years ago. I submitted that ms to a few, as in literally 3 agents and one wanted to read the whole ms but I lost my passion for it and declined. I know, nuts. I’ve never submitted a short story anywhere and really don’t have anything I’d consider ready.

          I’ll have to check out that post, thanks! πŸ™‚

  4. Well, if you enjoy reading my blog, I hope it encourages you to keep working on your stories and novels – if that’s your desire/intention.

    We can sometimes be our own worst critics (I’ve been there and done that) but in order to achieve success as a writer you have to overcome it and push forward, ever forward.

    Persistence is the single most important trait for a writer who wants to be published.

  5. I am sorry I do not say this often enough, but I love your blog! Your journey as a writer always inspires and encourages me. This list is a great reminder that the best writers still get rejected. It is not always about skill. Sometimes it is just the wrong flavor. Thanks for pushing me to set aside my pride for the sake of my future as a writer. I will always remember you for that.

    • 1Story, thank you very much for your gracious comment. I was so hesitant to put this list out there, but from all the responses I’ve gotten, I see it was more than worthwhile.

      Yes, I slog through rejection slips just like the rest of my writer comrades in arms. It’s simply necessary to steel your resolve in order to be successful. It doesn’t matter if you get rejected, because in my opinion, that just brings you one step closer to getting accepted.

      Always remember that rejections are not intended as statements about you personally. They are opportunities to improve your writing. And perhaps the best part is once you start to achieve success, you will build on that…thanks to all the feedback you got. Believe me, it’s a positively reinforcing cycle.

      Best of luck on your writing journal.

  6. Helps to see other people go through it too.

  7. It is not a list of shame, Carol. It is a list of courage. Well done and keep ye’r chin up πŸ™‚

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