Random Insomnia Post brought to you by Diet Cola Beverage

Tonight’s Random Insomnia Post is brought to you by Diet Cola Beverage.

I went out with a friend around dinner time, and I ordered Diet Cola. Of course, Diet Cola has lots and LOTS of caffeine. Drinking two glasses of said beverage is a sure fire way for me to guarantee myself a sleepless night… hence a 3:15 a.m. posting.

It matters not that I have someplace to be tomorrow, and it’s so late at night it’s actually early the next morning, so even if I fall asleep now there is little chance of getting much more than 5 hours of sleep.

Let me just say that on five hours sleep, I’m a very grumpy person. In order to be awake, I will no doubt have to consume more Diet Cola Beverage tomorrow morning and afternoon just so I don’t pass out whilst conducting my activities.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this was a humor blog post? Oh, hahaha, you can’t sleep because you drank Diet Cola Beverage, that’s a laugh riot.

Hmmm, I just checked. Nope. It ain’t funny.

But as long as you came along for the ride this far, and thanks for your kind patience dear reader, why on earth did I consume Diet Cola Beverage when I could have had something else?

Ahhhhh, but you see, there’s the rub. There is NOTHING else available for me.

What’s that you say? You say it’s impossible to be out at a fine dining establishment and have nothing on the drink menu for you?

Let’s go through the choices, shall we?

– Red Wine = no, it’s alcohol

– White Wine = see Red Wine

– Beer = see Red Wine

– Mixed Drinks = getting the picture?

Okay, let’s put alcohol aside and move on to other things then.

– Coffee = I don’t drink coffee. Yes, YES – I’m a freak of nature. I know…so sue me.

– Tea = I very rarely drink hot tea, and frankly it would be a bizarre choice for a beverage with dinner

– Water = now, this one is tricky. I can drink water, but since water is free, it’s like I didn’t order anything. And if I say, “I’ll just have water,” my companion will inevitably say, “But don’t you want something…?” or “No, you can’t just have water, order something…” and then I’ll say….

– Diet Cola Beverage please. You know, the one with quantities of caffeine sufficient to keep me awake all night so I can post something ridiculous to my blog for people to laugh at? Yeah, I’ll take that.

No, on second thought, bring me TWO glasses of that. One just wasn’t enough.




5 Responses

  1. I hope you’re asleep as I type this, Carol.



  2. Carol, how rare to find someone in exactly my boat–I don’t drink alcohol either, and I’ve gone through periods when when I was very sensitive to caffeine too. Not sure if you were looking for advice or just sympathy (you have that from me, for sure), but I find no one actually cares what you order to drink if you are together for a meal. If you are worried about not spending enough, you just get a pricier meal. No one (that I know!) would be pushy if I said, “I don’t drink and I’m sensitive to caffeine, so I’d just prefer water.” There’s also club soda, San Pelligrino, and Perrier, which are just expensive water, basically. I order those in bars because it is a bit much to order tap water and nothing else. My friend Scott, who is similar in his beverage preferences, is a Sprite addict, but he can afford the calories more than I.

    Wow, clearly I have thought about this topic way too much. Hope you got at least a little sleep.

    • Thanks Rebecca, it’s good to know I’m not alone! 🙂

      My friend Patrick, who knows me so well, wrote me in email today and reminded me that I like cranberry, orange juice seltzer “spritzers” (basically a Sea Breeze with no vodka). So that’s a healthy choice… or you and my friend Mike are also right, Pelligrino or Perrier are good too.

      Last night I did fall asleep soon after I finished the post which is good, but didn’t get enough sleep. Of course this morning I had my version of “hair of the dog” (diet pepsi) and made it through the day, limping but awake.

      It’s now evening again and I’m on seltzer water, so I hope I “cut myself off” early enough this afternoon not to keep me up all hours tonight!

      I appreciate your comment because it was a kind thing to write up your thoughts when you know someone ‘suffers’ with the same situation.

      Now if I could just wean myself off of caffeine. Yeah right… ahahahha! 😀

  3. ask for water, the restaurant will make its money from the food. You dont need to be apologetic to a restaurant for not drinking…soda is worst than wine. A good wine can be healthy, Cola is never healthy. Since you don’t drink anything ask for club soda or mineral water…

    • George, I don’t think you understood my point. I wasn’t worried about what the restaurant thought about what I ordered, I was saying that whoever I’m sitting with – my dinner companion – will usually say, oh, don’t just get water, or why don’t you order something, etc.

      In any case, I think I’ve decided when I don’t want to drink diet soda, I might get a cranberry, orange juice spritzer. This way I get some fruit juices and water.

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