A sweet moment

I wanted to share this with you…

I was in New York City today running some errands. While I was walking back to the train to head home, I walked by a young Spanish woman on the phone, and she was holding her one and a half year old daughter’s hand. The little girl was so cute, I waved and said hi to her. She was adorable with pink bows in her hair, pink pants, baby-sized sneakers…

…and as I walked by, and waved, the little girl reached up and grabbed my finger. She didn’t let go. 🙂 Her mom was on the phone, and I found myself laughing, walking alongside this girl holding my hand (by way of her teensy fingers wrapped around my finger) while her mom smiled at me.

As incredible as it sounds, we walked like this for several Manhattan blocks. The little girl was happy, and oblivious that anything unusual was happening. What made me smile was her absolute innocence, her willingness to grab the hand of a stranger and walk beside her, without a care in the world.

It made my day.


4 Responses

  1. interesting.

  2. Kids are so trusting and they know good people when they see them…lovely story

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