New Story Accepted by Prick of the Spindle!

I’m privileged to write these words: Cynthia Reeser, editor of Prick of the Spindle, has accepted my short story The Lottery Winners for publication!

I wrote The Lottery Winners last year, and it’s been making the rounds since September 2011. I’m so glad it found such a great home.

Most of the pieces I write and place are flash fiction, but not so with this one – it’s a short story – nearly 2000 words. I love the characters in this story.

Also, if you’ve been reading my posts about the four stories (including this one) that have been accepted within the last week, please don’t think this is typical for me. It’s not. I’ve never been hit with this much good publishing news at the same time. It’s overwhelming…like a candy store where I’m tasting every jelly bean in the place.

Cynthia says the story will appear in the next issue, so as soon as it’s released…well, you know.

Thanks. πŸ™‚


4 Responses

  1. Typical is as typical does. You’re on a roll, Carol. Good job.



  2. Woah! Carol, you are on a roll!

    Congratulations. It’s well deserved. πŸ™‚

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