Photos: Memories of Minnesota

Gooseberry Falls – Minnesota

Gooseberry Falls is an easy walk down a paved trail. While this isn’t the largest waterfall I’ve seen (I think Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge probably holds that distinction for me at 200 feet), it was a pleasant walk and an enjoyable photo op.

According to the entry plaque at Split Rock Lighthouse – it is one of Minnesota’s most cherished landmarks.

I didn’t spend a lot of time at Split Rock Lighthouse (you could say I saw the lighthouse and split… groan.) The reason, at least for me, was that the hiking trails along Lake Superior had ugly chain link fences separating visitors from the foliage and lake shore. Maybe they get so many visitors in the summer they want to protect the landscape, but it creates an eyesore. Not an enjoyable hiking experience.

The view from Split Rock Lighthouse onto Lake Superior and the shoreline.

In addition to the Split Rock Lighthouse, I also slept in the Two Harbors Lighthouse (see previous post) … and I saw the Harbor Light in Duluth.

Duluth Harbor Light reflected in a puddle

One of the nicest features Duluth has is its “river walk” a long stretch of a winding pathway that runs right along the Lake Superior riverfront. At one end of the riverwalk you’ll find this harbor light.

Duluth Harbor light and sailboat – view from river walk

Of course for me, the very best view I had for my entire Minnesota trip was this one:

Three handsome nephews – the Army uniformed groom to the left, his little brother in the center, and his Navy uniformed brother to the right



8 Responses

  1. Welcome home, Carol.

    Did you catch the bouquet? Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.



    • The bouquet was caught by the Maid of Honor who is getting married later this year. Her fiance also caught the garter, which was nice. (He dove for it!)

      Glad you enjoyed the photos Doug!

  2. I love the lighthouse reflected in the water. Thanks for a little more info on that area than I had known.

    • That was one of my favorite pictures actually. 🙂 And yes, the lighthouses were pretty.

      Apparently Lake Superior storms get really violent during the Winter, and many ships have been wrecked there. I can believe it. The shore is one jagged can-opener, waiting to slash open the hull of any unfortunate vessel that gets too close to the coastline.

  3. Beautiful water shots!

  4. The pics are interesting, the view looks nice. It is nice if you are a vistor. I am not sure how it would be if I were living there unless if the area was my retreat.

    • On the North Shore of Lake Superior in the Winter it gets very cold, and a lot of snow. In the Summer, it is over-run with tourists, but the rest of the time it is quiet. I would never want to live in a place that gets that cold with that much snow… but if you don’t mind the potential to lose some fingers and toes, go for it!

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