Editorial Relief

Sooo, for the past six weeks, I’ve been helping one of my very best friends in the whole world by re-editing his mammoth novel manuscript. We’re talking over 500 pages people!

I have to admit, I enjoy editing. It’s crazy, but I actually like it. But when you’re inside a project so big and you’re right in the middle, I don’t know about anybody else but I felt light headed (proverbially speaking) when I approached the material.

Another way to describe it might be: a sense of dread.

And yet, when I allowed myself to be drawn into the characters and the story, and because I knew I was shaping and re-shaping the material into something more magnificent… well, I felt downright gratified.

Over the past week I started pushing to complete the work. I built up some momentum with my editing, even though my own personal writing, my blog posting, and my submissions to journals was suffering… because I wanted to see the project through.

Today was the day I finished the re-edit. Yes, there will be bits of clean up and discussions with the author on sections which are (still) problematic, but on the whole I will not have to revisit the material wholesale. Thank goodness.

One lovely bit of information to share… I got so into the characters, and the story, that today while I was editing the last three chapters I cried. I’m not big on crying, so for me it was huge to be so moved by the material. (I don’t recall crying the first time I edited the mss, unless I cried when he emailed it to me because of its size! :-D)

So, I hope this milestone will signify a more regular return to my blog postings, dear reader. And a return to my own writings, and lit mag submissions in my future.

WHEW, it feels damn good to be done!

P.S. There will be more posts to come about this novel when the time is right. I’m a huge fan of the book, and of course, the amazing author, my dear friend George.


8 Responses

  1. That’s a great story itself, Carol.

  2. The way you describe your editing work it must be very exciting. The way you describe the kind of work it seems like some kind of new “War and Peace” or may be some kind of new “Gone with the wind” I realize that people, readers, movie fans, TV viewers are SO thirsty for some kind of a new epic, something really dramatic and thrilling. We are so tired of the cliche stories with flat dialogs, predictbale story unfolding and non-convincing drama. People want to see something really dramatic, an adventure, passion love and of course some hot scenes. Something uplifting. Something that makes people learn, think and as it happened with you cry.
    A Hollywood producer told me a few months ago: editors are the cruelest people…they turn a drama to content and grammar text and nalayze it like an investment banker or accountants comes down to numbers. If I see an editor crying, I am picking up the story, because I know this story will have impact on the audiences.
    So if this guy -he is very known with some of the top box office successes and an oscar under his belt- is right it means that you have worked on something very exceptional. So 500 pages means that this author has some story to tell….I wish her or him and of course YOU great success with this story. Let us know. A succesful book makes not just the author but the editor as well famous. I am working on a book as well, nothing like this you describe but I may ask you to edit my material as well if you are interested. “I love the way you write this is a waranty to how you edit. Good luck and congratulations.

  3. by the way let us know when it will be out. I would certainly buy this story. I love the way you express yourself so certainly this book has a strong element of your writing style. And let me know if you would like me to send you some samples of my novel for editing. Best regards.

  4. Very funny George… only YOU can tell us when this masterpiece is going to be published! πŸ™‚

    And I’m sure it will be successful…the complexity and multi-generational scope of the book, the incredible amount of research you put into it and the compelling characters will draw readers in, I’m sure of it.

  5. I am talking on behalf of myself but deep down I believe that this is and other readers’ wish to learn more about this novel and this mystery author-friend you helped. He seems he has done some serious work. Please let us know a bit more about the story…and PLEASE let us know when the book will be out.

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