Flash Fiction: Einstein’s Hair

 Einstein’s Hair

Einstein’s hair crawled over the Princeton dirt towards the library. Physics wasn’t the point. A cataclysm happened billions of years ago and sent its light to earth. Space dust formed each frizzled follicle and tweed jacket spiraling around in a galaxy of random ideas. It equaled more than the man, less than the cosmos and formed the future.


7 Responses

  1. Dear Carol,

    You’ve captured either the Universe or New Jersey very well.



  2. Interesting. The start of something?

    • Your comment shows how well you know me… good observation. So, I had written three “dreamscapes” and this was one of the three. I had packaged them and was trying to get them placed, but no one bit. I decided to post Einstein’s Hair as a one off.

      I’ll post another more sinister, dark one next……..

  3. Einsstein’s hair seemed to be wired to the universal waves.

  4. How wonderfully unique this is Carol!

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