Stories Accepted by Word Riot and The Washington Pastime!

They say lightening doesn’t strike twice, but somehow Kevin O’Cuinn, Fiction Editor of Word Riot has seen his way to accepting another of my flash fiction works, this one titled Cloud Girl. Of course, I’m extremely grateful to Kevin and Word Riot for continuing to support and publish my work.

A while back I wrote some blog posts about a story I was writing about a crack addict that was challenging to write. The subject matter, the characters and the tone of the piece is dark and difficult so I wasn’t sure if it would find a home. Paul Karaffa, Editor in Chief of The Washington Pastime has decided to give The Ties That Bind a chance, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have a longer story appear in their journal. And for the very first time since my short stories have been accepted for publication, I will be receiving a payment; it is a token payment but for me an encouraging and hopeful sign for my own publishing future.

I haven’t been given a pub-date for these pieces yet, but I wanted to let my regular readers know that the extreme summer heat has not stopped these editors from allowing me to continue to make publishing progress.

As ever, when these stories go live I’ll publish the links in a blog post and the permanent links will be added to my published stories page.


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