Two Flash Stories Published in Blink Ink!

Hi everyone,

Doug Matthewson has just published Issue #12 of Blink Ink and two of my flash pieces appear in the issue, called Mother, a Truth; Father a Lie.

What’s unusual about this, at least for me, is that the issue is printed. If you’d like to support Blink Ink and read my pieces you could purchase the issue for $2 bucks, or if you’d prefer to subscribe to a year of Blink Ink it’s a whopping $5 bucks. 🙂

The link to the Blink Ink site is on my Published Stories page, and from there you can order the issue.

Do you remember the day when content used to be available on real paper with real ink and cost real money? Oh, wait a minute…that’s still the case for The New Yorker, McSweeney’s and many other fine publications including Blink Ink.

It was nice to get my copy in the mail, it’s a cute little chapbook-style printing, small enough to fit into a greeting card envelope.

Thanks in advance to those of you who scoop up one of these limited edition babies soon!



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