New York City Music: Dizzy’s Club and Terra Blues

The other night I decided to “stay up late” and go to Dizzy’s Club for the ‘hang set’ at Jazz at Lincoln Center to see the Bryan Carter Trio.

It was the first time I’ve seen a live performance at Dizzy’s Club, which is located in the Time Warner Building at Columbus Circle on 59th Street (at the southern edge of Central Park.) The club is a beautiful space with a wood paneled interior and an intimate, cozy club setting with small tables facing the stage.

Also unlike some clubs in New York, the tables were far enough apart that everyone has their own space, as opposed to some clubs where you are practically sitting on top of the people next to you.

Dizzy’s Club was set up to give everyone who wants to see live jazz a chance to do it in a great setting for an extremely reasonable price. The cover charge at the door for the ‘hang set’ which runs from 11pm – 12:30am Tues, Wed, and Thurs is a mere $5 per person. Once you get in, you do have another $5 minimum drink or food requirement per person, but it would be impossible to find such a fantastic place with a great view at that price.

The Bryan Carter Trio was a group of three young musicians, a pianist, base player and drummer who made their debut at Dizzy’s Club the night I saw them. Not only had they never played at Jazz at Lincoln Center before, it was also the first time the three of them were playing together for a crowd. They did not disappoint either, they gave us an hour and a half of high energy jazz, some laughs and a great time.

In addition to Dizzy’s Club, I have another favorite music hang out in New York City: Terra Blues. As far as I know, Terra Blues is the only Blues club in Manhattan (unfortunately BB King’s club in Times Square is NOT a Blues club).

Terra Blues is a small venue located on Bleeker Street. They have the most authentic local and national blues talent come to play there, and on any night you can hear some truly amazing acoustic or electric blues depending on whether or not you see the early set (acoustic begins at 7pm) or the late set (electric blues begins at 10pm and runs until 2am during the week or later on the weekends.)

The cover at Terra Blues is $10 bucks a person, but you can come in for the acoustic set and stay through the electric set and it’s all covered by your $10 spot. They do have a drink requirement too, I think it might be 2 drinks per set per person, but it’s well worth it for an entire night of Blues entertainment.

I’d like to mention a special shout out for Saron Crenshaw. He’s an extremely talented bluesman who plays Terra Blues regularly for both the acoustic and electric sets (I’ve seen him play both.) Crenshaw has what I’d call a Blues soul, someone who has been playing blues all his life and when he gets up on stage his talent and energy is unstoppable. If you get the chance to see him live for the electric set with his band, you’ll know what I mean.

Terra Blues Calendar:

If you enjoy jazz or blues in Manhattan and want to shout out the name of your favorite club or venue in the comments section – please feel free – and keep on grooving, these musicians need their audiences to thrive!


4 Responses

  1. I used to hang out at the Time Warner Building quite a bit a few years ago; I worked around there, and it was a nice place to grab a Jamba Juice and escape the heat for awhile.

    I never stepped foot in the Club though I always saw signs for different events they were holding. I might just have to go back and check it out. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Mike. Yeah, you need to go all the way to the back of the Time Warner building to find Jazz at Lincoln Center and the special “jazz” elevators.

      The thing about my tip for Dizzy’s is the $5 cover will only work for the late night hang set, if you go to either of the earlier shows the cover prices are $35 or $40 bucks a ticket so just make sure it’s a weekday night when you can stay up late!

      It’s worth it!


  2. Glad to see you out on the town, jeans woman.



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