Catch Me If You Can…

My life is a bit hectic these days, not that you’d know it from reading my blog. On the blog, it’s all been a duck swimming on a lake – all the mad paddling has been going on under the surface.

To open a window of insight for regular readers, last week I flew to Nebraska for a few days (for work) and this week I’ll be flying to Arizona and California (for work) and next week I might have to fly to Texas (for work) … and you can pretty much tell I’m here, there and everywhere (for work,) but nowhere when it comes to updating my blog or writing new stories. (Unfortunately though it has not stopped rejection slips from arriving in my email in-box for pieces submitted many months ago…)

This level of travel probably won’t be the norm – although I haven’t quite figured that out yet given the exciting new stuff I am working on (for work) these days. I’d like to imagine things will settle down to a dull roar eventually, at some point in the mythical future I envision myself  jogging through airports with ease, doing all my work (for work) and writing stories in my leisure time (I know, I know. Tell me when you stop laughing.)

I think about the blog more than you might imagine. I know when my blogger friends get submerged into their lives I also wonder where they are and what they’re doing, and then when they post about where they are and what they’re doing I’m always interested. That doesn’t mean you are necessarily interested in hearing about my domestic wanderings, but perhaps it is enough to say I would like to think you could be interested in my momentary lapse of blog communication, regular reader.

My bags may be packed and ready to go, but I’ve learned that hotel internet connections are a wonderful thing (see my earlier post about Shrinkage, for example) … so I can reply to comments and engage with you all if you are still listening (I think you are… and thanks for your patience.)


4 Responses

  1. Dear Carol,

    Congratulations on your work (for work).



    • Aww, thanks Doug. The mad cap adventures continue in the air for me…I’ve got flights booked through the middle of October. I’m beginning to wonder when I’ll be able to stop and take a breath!

      Hope you did well at the disk championship. I saw you went to another one recently and I know how much you enjoy them!


  2. I know the feeling girl – thanks for the update! 😉

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