My author interview on the PANK blog and other stuff

If you’d like to read my author interview on the PANK blog, it’s up and available on this link:

The interview was conducted for a story of mine PANK pubbed in Feb 2012 called The Price of Luxury. And the fine folks at PANK sent me my interview questions and dutifully posted the interview on their blog on May 21st, 2012 and I didn’t see it there until, well… now.

That’s embarassing.

But correctable!

I wanted to let my regular readers know the interview is there, and while you’re at it if you haven’t read the story … why not take a moment to read it now?


As a side note, I’m getting more excited because Recyclables is coming out soon on Pure Slush, an Australian small literary mag (how cool is that peoples?!). The fine folks at Pure Slush also publish an add-on which they call the Hue Questionnaire. Since each author fills one out, I’ve done what I could to amuse you, my reader… so now that you’re feeling all intrigued and such, don’t forget to come back in about a week to click on the links to the story and the questionnaire!

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