Back to Europe

Up until now I’ve reported on my work travels, bouncing back and forth between the right and left coasts of the United States… and while that’s certainly been fun, I’m now adding Europe to the equation.

It’s coincidental that I took a vacation in Amsterdam and Belgium and now need to go for work, but I admit it’s good that I dipped my toes in the water since I hadn’t been to the continent for a long time. Now I feel slightly more familiar with the experience of roaming around foreign lands, using foreign currency. (But as a New York City girl, I cannot claim that hearing many foreign languages is foreign to me!)

This go-round, however, I will be cramming in a trip to both London and Belgium within a week’s time – not to see the sights – but for nose to the grindstone stuff.

Adding another point to triangulate my already interesting travel schedule should be, well, even more interesting. Truth be told, I’m extremely excited about working on stuff in Europe and getting to meet face to face with the new folks I’ll be interacting with on a regular basis is fantastic.

Still, I know the change in time zones tends to mess with my schedule. I’ll have to see how going from NYC to Europe (6 hours ahead), then coming back, then heading to California (3 hours behind NYC) works when it comes to doing it as a practical matter. (Wish me luck. Haha.)

I had a conversation with someone from work the other day, and we were talking about being road warriors. I said that sometimes when I wake up in a hotel, I don’t remember where I am or what time it is.

She said, yes, and what’s worse, when I am laying there in the dark, sometimes I can’t even remember which way to go to get to the bathroom!

Despite all of that, and the fact that it’s work… I will be bringing my camera along to capture a few shots here and there. We’ll see if I come up with anything worth sharing. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Keep a night light on 🙂

    • LOL… noooo, then I can’t sleep.

      Actually, I am taking some of my natural sleep aid pills with me. It’s got stuff like Chamomile and other herbs in it to naturally assist in inducing sleep. I hope I don’t have to take them, but I’m not above trying to wrench myself onto the European time zone in my first 48 hours!

  2. My two times in Europe (to your 15?) I was a basket case in the beginning. You can imagine…

    • Actually, my trip to London has been excellent so far. I’m finding people here to be pretty friendly, especially in comparison to my experiences on the Continent.

      It didn’t hurt that my first two days on the ground were a weekend, sunny and warm. In England, I suppose they really treasure that weather…

      Regardless, any travel is what you make of it to a certain extent. I wasn’t prepared for some of the things I experienced, but now that “I’m back” I had adjusted my expectations – and they were exceeded.

      It’s a matter of perspective, I suppose. 🙂

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