Poem to appear in Sassafras!

Miranda Holmqvist, the editor of Sassafras Literary Magazine (http://sassafrasmag.wordpress.com/issue-one/), reached out to me based on a story of mine she read in Metazen. As a result of seeing my work, she was kind enough to invite me to submit a piece for her consideration for inclusion in Sassafras, her new mag.

This is the first time an editor has reached out to me directly without prior contact to invite me to submit. I have had editors invite me to submit based on prior contact and existing relationships, and knowledge of my prior submissions, but I’m excited to have been found this “new way” by Miranda. I hope it’s a trend!

And so I’m pleased to announce she has accepted She Took To Her Bed, a poem I wrote last year, to appear in Sassafras Issue #2. I’m excited to be an early contributor as she gets her fledgling publication off the ground.

Issue 2 of Sassafras is supposed to appear next Monday, 9/16. I will post a link to the piece when it goes live!

2 Responses

  1. Thanks Carol, for your contribution, and the kind words! Will be happy to see the new issue come together, lots of new writing..

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