Carolfornia – a ramble about life on the road

I have been on the road for five consecutive weeks now, and I’m ready to go home. And I will go home pretty soon, later this week, for a few days anyway and then go back out on the road again in week six.

This is the most consecutive weeks I’ve spent on the road all year, and it wasn’t something I planned, it was a variety of stuff that came together, serendipitously, that caused me to have this much travel at once.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I enjoyed some of the travel a lot. I’ve stayed in decent digs, been to lovely cities, had some great weather, and pretty amazing food at times. But, I am weary.

I’ve made a promise to myself, which I hope I can keep, that after six weeks of consecutive travel that I will be able to get off the road for at least two consecutive weeks.

Do I seem obsessed?

I think I am getting a little obsessed … with the idea of sleeping in my own bed.

I know I’m getting obsessed with the idea of cooking for myself. I have elaborate fantasies of re-stocking my empty refrigerator, instead of just having a jar of lime juice and a bottle of water on the door, and a plastic container of sesame seeds on one of the shelves. I want to buy blueberry yogurt, and cucumbers and green olives. I want to luxuriate in the idea that if I don’t eat these things within 48 hours that I won’t either have to give them to the neighbors or throw them away, because I will be in my apartment more than 48 hours.

This is just a ramble post. I don’t have any deep insights about life on the road, or balancing my life (my life is clearly not balanced these days) … so let’s call this an expression of my desire to keep the same ground under my feet for enough days for me to feel ‘settled’ for a bit, into what most people would see as a boring routine, but what I choose to see as a re-initiation into my home life.