The Wait is Over

I’ve reached an important milestone today! My mostly vegan* plant-strong diet, coupled with my 4-6 mile exercise walks a few times a week, and my calorie counting on has led to a new low interim goal weight for me.

I’m now a “mere” 8 pounds from my goal weight, and 10 pounds from my stretch goal weight.

It’s been a good challenge, these last three months, watching my calories** – even through the holidays – and now the results are showing. It’s exciting stuff!

Stepping on the scale this morning brought a renewed motivation to get to goal!

What’s cool is FitDay allows me to track my current weight and progress towards the goal online, along with tracking daily calorie consumption and calories burned from exercise. I also created custom nutrition goals*** for myself too. It’s not the only site that offers these tools for free, I just happen to like it.

If you’re also in the process of your journey to lose weight and feel great – please share it here. 🙂

And… more updates as the good news continues!


  • * I still eat egg whites.
  • ** My daily calorie intake has been 1500 or less.
  • *** Adult women need to consume 46 grams of protein a day to not be in protein deficit. It’s an important custom nutrition goal I take seriously as a vegan.

6 Responses

  1. Carol, great news. Congratulations.

    • Thanks Patrick! A milestone toward the final goal.

      Right now the scale reads xx0. When I get down another five pounds and the scale reads xx5, I’ll be soooooo close. 🙂

      Slowly but surely….

      I hope to be at goal weight by no later than end of March. I think that’s realistic.

  2. No doubt that you’ll get to your goal with time to spare, Carol! Though I don’t weigh myself, I can tell that going primarily vegetarian has had positive affects in less than the month I’ve been actively pursuing this way of eating, and all my thanks goes to you for the positive influence! .
    One huge plus is that I am not stiff and achy like I was before. I have to give some credit to drinking chai tea, which I make from scratch (so easy!), instead of coffee. Also, I’ve cut out almost all dairy, so inflammatory foods have been whittled down to insignificance.

  3. People have changed their lives on far less advice! Yours is something we’ve discussed and broken bread over. I ate red meat recently and regretted it… You lead by example and the proof is in the results!

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