I Slipped (Off My High Horse)

I guess it was inevitable that after months of forward progress, that I’d experience a set-back in my plan. And I guess it was inevitable that a set-back would occur while I was traveling…

Last week I was on the road for work. For days last week I was in a conference center, and the food choices for a vegan were not good. (And by not good I mean horrible.)

In the mornings, I had the choice of muffins, bagels, or stuff I couldn’t eat (scrambled whole eggs in tortillas with cheese and ham). Yes, there was fresh fruit, but when you’re going to be locked in a conference room for half a day until lunch, eating a few bites of melon is not optional unless you want to start gnawing on the chairs soon thereafter.

For lunch, I was offered hamburger sliders, mac and cheese, a ham carving station… (I wound up eating white rice and pinto beans with guacamole one day.)

The worst was an evening social and of course the event was catered. There was a sushi station, a roast beef carving station, an empenada station (pork, goat cheese and other gross stuff), and on the main buffet even the salad had big chunks of cheese in it.

The only thing I could eat that night was cooked carrots and mashed potatoes. I’m convinced the mashed potatoes were laced with butter and cream.

And while I suppose I could have made a fuss and said “Hey, I’m vegan, I can’t eat any of this…” It’s just not the thing to do at a company event when the catering menu has already been set. I just sucked it up and suffered.

All of this lead to a series of frustrating choices. Yes to muffins in the morning with melon. Yes to a plateful of mashed potatoes. Yes to rice and beans. Yes to a “vegan sandwich” with potato chips (one of the most disgusting things I ate last week.)

Carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs.

I was terribly protein deficient, which leads to being much more hungry. Eating carbs leads to wanting to eat more carbs.

I was so frustrated by the disastrous eating last week that on the plane ride home, when faced with the choice of a paltry hummus and chips for a six hour flight or a roast beef and cheese sandwich, I broke down and ate the sandwich. I was completely disgusted with myself, my choice, and my hunger.

The scale showed me just how horrific a week like that can be to my waist line. I gained three pounds in one week! THREE POUNDS!!!

With the plan I’m on, I’ve been lucky to lose about a half a pound per week. Gaining three pounds in one week is devastating. It will take me over a month (potentially) to lose it again just to get back to where I started before I hit the road.

I can’t let this happen again, but I’m not sure what to do. Maybe I need to “go vegetarian” the weeks I’m traveling so that I can at least find foods that are “okay” and not “horrible.”

Maybe I need to do something else… but what??



7 Responses

  1. This is hugely frustrating. I recommend going vegetarian to give yourself more options. I don’t know what it is about company-catered events, but the food is always over-flavored and very salty. It’s a mad food world out there.

    • The bad news is I noticed a reaction when I ate the cheese. I haven’t eaten dairy in months, and it surprised me how quickly I had flem in my throat and had to keep clearing my throat. Not pleasant. And it didn’t matter how much water I drank.

      (Sorry for being graphic, but that’s what “going vegetarian” probably means for some… eating cheese as a source of protein.)


  2. Ah, got it.

    • You are still right though… I am going to have to figure something out. Maybe I’ll be one of those people that carry around little baggies filled with strange things that I’m snacking on during the day. I guess it could be worse (could it be worse?) 😦

  3. If you are staying in a hotel without a fridge, you can bring protein-shake mix and make a shake in the morning before you leave. Pour it into an insulated cup and everyone will think it’s coffee–and there’s your breakfast. You can do it again for lunch (if your mix only takes water, that is) and then nibble whatever is presentable from the buffet. Social events are harder, because people pay more attention to what you are doing (no one cares, I assure you, while you’re working) and bringing your own looks strange. Worst case scenario, nibble what you can and keep good stuff in your home. Have a small healthy dinner when you get back and go to bed.

    Also, fruit leather and nuts in your purse are not “strange”–I know a lot of people who do that sort of thing.

    • Thanks Rebecca. I think I’m going to go with baggies of almonds and perhaps dried apricots, fresh bananas of course.

      You make a good point about protein shake mix. I haven’t ever done this, but I suppose it is something I can consider while I am on the road.

      One of my work travel locations does not require flying, I can drive… and when I get to the hotel, I do have a refrigerator so the possibility exists of pre-made dinners in tupperware containers. Again, it’s not something I’ve done before, but it does permit me to eat things I know are healthy, guaranteed.

  4. 2/18/14 Update:

    I have to report that I have hit a plateau and have not lost any of the three pounds I’d gained while in California. Part of the reason for this plateau is the weather, I have not been outside in quite a long time to do my 4-6 mile walks.

    On the positive side, I have not gained any additional weight. Perhaps this seems like a minor achievement, but again, without exercise, not losing further ground feels more like a miracle.

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