My short film adventure, so far

A few weeks ago I got a call from a guy I used to work with to catch up and say hi. He’d just returned from a year rotation overseas so it was good to hear from him.

To my surprise, instead of discussing “work and career stuff” he asked me if I’d like to work on a creative project. Since he knew about my short story publications, he asked if I’d be interested in writing a script for a New York City based short film project he’s putting together.

Yes! I said. Count me in.

I got together with him and the lead actor and discussed the idea for the film with them. I got excited and began brainstorming where the story could go. We decided I’d write a draft within three weeks, and reconnect once the first draft was ready.

Well, I was SO excited about the project, I wrote a 3000 word script (about 12 pages) within less than a week of our first meeting!

I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ve never written 3000 words of anything in a week. I have no idea what happened. Maybe it was pent up writing lurking inside me, but the script spilled out.

I iterated through several versions and then we set a follow up meeting to read through the draft. The follow up meeting went as I expected. I needed to shorten the script, eliminate one of the characters and drop the songs I’d selected (it’s expensive to have music in movies). I got good feedback on the dialogue too, and we agreed the main bones of the script were solid.

And so it is that – as of last night – the revised draft is in their hands, and will be used to “sell” the idea to the actors they want to be involved, the director and others needed to make the film.

In all the years I’ve been writing, I’ve never seen any of my characters come to life and speak their lines. The idea of seeing a script I wrote become an actual film with real actors is unbelievably exciting to me.

More to come on this short film project as it develops!

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  1. Phenomenal.

  2. Welcome to ‘development hell’. Best of luck to you and your characters.



    • LOL, thanks Doug. I feel optimistic since this film will be a small budget piece and the budget has already been secured. One of the partners is very connected in NYC, and in general, NYC is a hotbed of activity for film. There is a ton of talent here.

      Sooo… the plan is for casting to begin immediately, and the film will be shot, probably over a 3 day period, some time in April.

      If things go as planned, everything will be wrapped up and completed no later than end of May…

  3. Sounds great. Looking forward to it. Wasn’t there another person who was going to film something from you a couple of years ago? A girl from Europe?

    • You have an amazing memory Harry, yes, you’re right. Here’s my sum total of experiences with short films related to my participation in some way:

      – A young lady in Istanbul contacted me for permission to use one of my short stories as the basis for a short film. It never got off the ground, but she decided to go to the NYU film school, on the Singapore campus. I’ve lost track of her.

      – After joining the Jersey City Writers group, I met a director of short films. We agreed to work on a collaboration, where we are adapting one of my short stories into a script for a short film. We’ve come very far on the script, and Dan, the director, says he does intend to film it. Timing for filming is still TBD.

      – And then there’s this project that I’ve described in this blog post. I’m REALLY glad I’d had the experience with Dan, adapting one of my short stories into a script, because I had hands on script writing experience when Mike (my friend referenced in this blog post) approached me.

      For right now, Mike’s project is moving along most rapidly and Dan’s project is still on the table.

      As for whether or not another script writing opportunity comes my way, I can’t say, but I’d certainly be open to it!

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