It happened! Greenland visits the blog!

Thank you so much to Dani Henriksen from Greenland for visiting the blog today! WOW – what an awesome global community we live in. I’m stunned!

(I wonder if Dani from Greenland and my other friend George from the Netherlands know each other? :-D)

Here’s the amazing final screen shot of visitors from 3/20/14:

Greenland visits

It’s hard to describe how amazing this is…call me old fashioned, but it hardly seems possible to put out the word on my little blog and have someone come and visit from Greenland, or any far flung country for that matter.

I’m blown away.

Thanks to everyone who participates in this blog. I’m really lucky to have such amazing folks come and visit from around the world.


2 Responses

  1. i see it went ” aappalaartooq”! it means red, in greenlandic…:-)

    • Hi again Dani, I went to your blog and learned you are originally from the Philippines and now you live in Greenland. That is such a huge change, and I cannot imagine how you have gone from such a warm country to such a cold one.

      But it’s very impressive that you must know English, Philippino and now Greenlandic too? That is quite a combination of languages to know!

      Thanks so much for stopping by again, my friend. 🙂

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