A Canary with a Jazz Mind

A very, very long time ago (so many years I cannot say publically how many!) I sang in front of hundreds of people when I performed in a school play. I was the lead in a musical.

Since then my singing has gone downhill.

Oh sure, I like to sing in the car to the radio or iPod, and I like to sing in the safety of my own home … my potted plants don’t seem to mind.

But singing in front of a crowd? No way.

This isn’t an issue for anyone who doesn’t care about singing in front of other people. And until recently, I didn’t care about that either… until I started to attend a jazz jam in my neighborhood.

Singers get up and belt out jazz tunes there. Some sing beautifully, others sing off key, and they all have the guts to do it in public. I give them credit for that alone, even if they don’t hit their notes.

As a creative type… I like to write, sing, make art, cook, photograph, and express my creativity in as many avenues of my life as possible. And its not unusual to use a recipe, read a how-to book, or get assistance to figure out the best way to improve what you enjoy doing.

And so it is that I decided to get some help with my new goal. I’ve reached out to a professional jazz singer to take singing lessons. I got her info from a musician friend, not surprisingly, at the jazz jam.

My first singing lesson will be in a little over a week. I want to focus on jazz, but I want to sing some blues tunes too because I love the blues.

And it may be silly to say this, but I’m even nervous about singing in front of the singing coach!

I don’t understand my “stage fright” because I’m not shy in other areas of my life. I can speak in front of large crowds without pause. I introduce myself to strangers all the time.

But because I feel apprehensive, it’s a great challenge for me to embrace the idea of singing in public. I’m looking forward to practicing with a pro until we both feel I’m ready to make my amateur debut at the jazz jam.

To be clear, I have no aspirations of getting paid to sing. Ever. That’s a ludicrous idea. But being able to sing in public, being able to sing with others…? That appeals to me.

And so another new adventure begins…!