The Jazz Canary – An Update

As many of my readers know, these days I’d consider myself a big jazz fan. I’ve always liked big band and swing music, but over the past two and a half years I’ve ventured into listening to modern jazz, mostly in live venues in New York City. These forays into the jazz scene in the city have inspired me to want to sing.

I like to sing, but in recent years have confined all of my singing to the car or the shower. This is to protect the ears of the innocent. 😀

And let me say, the thought of getting up in front of an audience to sing is terrifying to me. A lot of people get stage fright, but mine is specific. You can ask me to get up and speak in front of a crowd of hundreds of people – no problem. I can give a lecture, or do a reading and I’ll be fine. But sing? The thought of doing that makes my palms sweat. 🙂

BUT … one beautiful aspect of hanging around musicians is their connections to other musicians, singers and teachers. One of the guys at the jam suggested a jazz vocal teacher with AMAZING credentials.

Yes, I’ve taken the plunge and begun my jazz vocal lessons with Grammy award winning jazz vocalist Roseanna Vitro. Ms. Vitro is, to my mind, nothing short of inspirational. I feel incredibly lucky to spend time with her, and get the benefit of her tutelage.

I’m at the very beginning of my journey, but I can tell I’m in excellent hands with Ms. Vitro. When I get up to sing in public, at some point in the future, I know I’ll be prepared because of her.

It’s a thrilling prospect.



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