Full Scale Addiction

As I progress on my wellness journey, from pretty darn healthy to hopefully much more healthy, I am in pursuit of a normal Body Mass Index, BMI.

If you want to calculate your BMI, the (US) National Institutes of Health provides a handy calculator that provides both US Standard and Metric calculators.


Right now my BMI is 26.6, while a normal BMI is 25 or under. In other words, I know now what I knew then… I am STILL about 10 pounds overweight.

And how do I know that I’m about 10 pounds over my goal weight? Well, that’s what my scale tells me.

Every morning.

Every darn morning, my scale laughs at me.

It tells me, oh you’ve been going to the gym everyday for a month and guess what? You have lost about 2 pounds. HAHAHAHA.

Yep, that’s what the scale says. It’s killing me every time I hop on it.

I’ve talked about this a lot before, so pardon me as I continue to obsess over it. However.

So, the trainers at the gym have been telling me NOT to look at the scale. Don’t get on the scale, they say. See how your clothes fit. See if you are losing inches (I think I am.) See if you are getting results (I am, I see more muscle definition too.)

But, that damn scale. It’s an addiction, getting on it everyday and somehow hoping it’s going to say something other than what it always says. The same number.

I mean, it can’t keep doing that… right? (For goodness sake, someone please tell me it WILL eventually go down!)

I’m being so good in what I eat, and watch my calories and do my best to eat super duper healthy (think cucumbers!) And I work out, weights, cardio, the whole enchilada (without the actual enchilada!)

But in all my self-discipline, I can’t seem to kick my scale addiction. It’s very hard not to want to SEE the scale saying something other than that number it shows me every morning.

Maybe it would be better to just stay in a state of scale ignorance, and keep going with the plan.


Well, today is literally one month since I began going to the gym, and it has made a big difference in my stamina and strength. I notice it when I take flights of stairs more easily, have more oxygen and can take deeper breaths, not to mention my muscles are looking more defined now. These are all positive signs of progress.

So what if the scale isn’t corroborating it?

Yeah, that’s what I’ll tell myself.



4 Responses

  1. Darlin’, I understand the BMI thing, but you might need to remember that there is a difference between weight, and *distribution*. You may well *weigh* the same, but your fat-to-muscle ratio (plus water) can change, no? (PS. Send a bikini pix, eh? ❤ ) – bdd

    • Yep, that’s exactly right Brian, well said. The body does change its distribution of fat, muscle and water weight… which is why the trainer keeps telling me to lay off the scale.

      As for bikini pics, well, I don’t own one. That’s not a coincidence!

  2. Keep up the great work to change your health. Eff the scale :-).

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