Around the World

I’ve decided to go to the other side of the world. Yes, I will be leaving the United States and going to Asia for the first time in my life. Another first, for me, I will be away from home for several months. Talk about embracing ambiguity… this trip will be a huge life change, as I become immersed in a totally different culture. I’ll be posting more about this journey as I get settled into my new surroundings. But before I can get settled in, I will have to take a 20+ hour plane flight to get to the other side of the world. There are so many questions racing through my mind and I don’t have answers for any of them. Many of my friends have been saying what I’m doing “takes guts.” Maybe that’s true. I started out by feeling extremely anxious about this change, but now I am excited and anticipating this trip as a huge adventure. So stay tuned for more shortly…


One Response

  1. Carol, I can’t wait to start hearing all about it.
    p.s. Say hi to Carlos and Suresh.

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