Winging it down Mexico Way

Well friends, I’m off.  I’m headed to Southern Mexico, to do some writing, relaxing and exploring. When I return I’ll be posting pictures and stories of my trip into the Spanish Colonial past of our friends and neighbors to the south!

Viva Mexico!


Red, White and Blue Salad for the 4th of July!

Make this Red, White and Blue Salad for yourself, your friends and your family this holiday weekend.  It’s a colorful addition to any picnic table and it’s delicious!

Prep Time: 20 minutes


Red: Radishes; Grape Tomatoes; Dried Cranberries; Red Onion

White: Feta Cheese Crumbles; Sliced Almonds

Blue: Fresh Blueberries

Other: Peeled and sliced cucumbers (kirby cukes work well); salad dressing of choice; toasted sesame seeds (optional)

– Peel cucumbers and slice down the middle. If you don’t like the seeds, remove them. Otherwise, slice cucumbers into 1/8th inch thick slices.

– Wash and slice radishes into 1/8th inch thick slices.

– Wash and slice grape tomatoes in half

– Cut red onion into small dice

– Assemble a layer of cucumbers, radishes, red onion and grape tomatoes.  Sprinkle on feta crumbles, sliced almonds, dried cranberries, and fresh blueberries.  Repeat layers until all ingredients have been used.

– Add extra sliced almonds and blueberries to the top; add toasted sesame seeds if desired.

– Chill in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes.  Serve with your salad dressing of choice (Caesar salad dressing works well)