New Story: Recyclables Now Live on Pure Slush!

Hi everyone,

I’m so excited! Matt Potter, Editor of Pure Slush, (a literary journal based in Australia) has sent the good word over the wires. My story Recyclables is now live on the Pure Slush website, within this month’s theme issue “The Office.”


CLICK HERE to read this new piece of flash fiction!

Matt has asked me to let readers know there is a comments feature on the site. All comments posted to the story will become part of its history…so, write on people! Feel free to leave a comment if you like. 🙂


As I usually do a permanent link to this story will always be available on my Published Stories page so you can easily find it, and my “back catalogue.” 😉


Special Free Bonus! Pure Slush also publishes the Hue Questionnaire. It’s a “what’s your favorite color” on steroids, or in my case…maybe asteroids. Curious?

Click here and navigate to my name to read my answers: