Writer resources and amusements

In my travels around the interwebs recently I’ve come across some sites that I thought I’d share with you in the hopes that they are useful to you … or perhaps are just an amusing diversion from your writing/editing or avoidance of same. (Never underestimate the value of a little procrastination, right?)

Literary Rejections on Display – http://literaryrejectionsondisplay.blogspot.com/

This one is a doozy. If you go into the archives under Dear Commercial Magazine Editor (http://literaryrejectionsondisplay.blogspot.com/2008/04/dear-commercial-magazine-editor.html) there are some heated debates about getting paid for writing vs. n0n-paying lit magazine markets.

I also enjoyed a more recent posting The Finest Fuck You Prose At The End of the World, about how Norman McClean, the author of A River Runs Through It, tells off an editor at Knopf. http://literaryrejectionsondisplay.blogspot.com/2012/04/finest-fuck-you-prose-at-end-of-world.html

Some of the paid writers post anonymously so as not to alert the editors of commercial zines, who they simultaneously get paid by and despise, that they have writers on staff who are inciting a revolt from within. It’s fascinating reading.

I’ve talked about the whole “pay” issue here before and you, my fine readers, haven’t necessarily voiced strong opinions either way. On Lit Rejections on Display, there is a heated debate (or was….) The issue continues to be unresolved in the lit mag community.

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Fiction Contests and Other Opportunities — http://fictioncontests.info/

This is a handy reference guide to fiction contests broken down by deadline month.

Also, I found Lit Rejections on Display in the “Invaluable” Blog Roll on the right hand side of this page. There were plenty of other blogs listed there too, and I plan on going back and reading through others.