New Story – The Temple Maiden – Live on Gone Lawn!

My new flash story, The Temple Maiden, is now live on Gone Lawn, Issue 13.

Please read it by clicking here:

Once again, many thanks to Yarrow Paisley for her editorial encouragement and acceptance of this piece.

Fyi – many of the details in this story are based on a trip I took to Oaxaca, Mexico in 2011. Photos of this trip are here:

I saw, and photographed, many of the items mentioned: black pottery specialized to that region; the turquoise encrusted skull in the museum highlighting artifacts from Monte Alban. Also, I personally climbed the pyramid mentioned in the story and visited the church at the top.

A permanent link to this story is on the Published Stories page of this blog, so you can easily find it and read it again if you like!

New Story: Recyclables Now Live on Pure Slush!

Hi everyone,

I’m so excited! Matt Potter, Editor of Pure Slush, (a literary journal based in Australia) has sent the good word over the wires. My story Recyclables is now live on the Pure Slush website, within this month’s theme issue “The Office.”


CLICK HERE to read this new piece of flash fiction!

Matt has asked me to let readers know there is a comments feature on the site. All comments posted to the story will become part of its history…so, write on people! Feel free to leave a comment if you like. 🙂


As I usually do a permanent link to this story will always be available on my Published Stories page so you can easily find it, and my “back catalogue.” 😉


Special Free Bonus! Pure Slush also publishes the Hue Questionnaire. It’s a “what’s your favorite color” on steroids, or in my case…maybe asteroids. Curious?

Click here and navigate to my name to read my answers:


Two New Stories at PANK and The Molotov Cocktail

Having my first PANK story published feels fantastic. I’m thrilled to be able to share this story, even though it’s one of the most difficult stories I’ve ever tried to write. I had to dig deeper emotionally in this work, and I’ve got my own resistances to that.

Please note though, the events in the story did not happen to me – it’s not reflective of personal experiences…it’s important to me that people know that because what happens in the story is very difficult.

Roxane Gay, yes I have to say it again, is a phenomenal editor. She was supportive and instrumental in how this story was shaped. She told me she thinks this story has a lot of heart which means the world to me. With pride, here it is:

Click here for The Price of Luxury:


I think I mentioned How We Found Each Other wasn’t getting much love from many other editors. Josh Goller was the right man at the right time, and for that I’m so pleased to have this quirky little story published in The Molotov Cocktail. Thanks to Josh for giving me the chance to show a darker side in my work:

Click here for How We Found Each Other:


The permanent links for these two stories are on the Published Stories page.