Carol singing at Crossroads Jan 2016

Carol Deminski has sung jazz on three continents – including the Seda Hotel and The Wine Club in the Philippines, Orange Peel nightclub in Hong Kong and Jazz Barrage in Zurich. She has performed at jazz venues around New York City and NJ, including the Kitano, the Priory, Crossroads, DLV Lounge, Moores (aka Bill and Ruth’s), Robin’s Nest, Suite 53, Taste Venue and the Blue Moon, among others.

Ms. Deminski loves early jazz. She has adopted material from early singers into her repertoire including greats like Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong, Mildred Bailey, Johnny Mercer, and Helen Humes. She is also inspired by standard-bearers like Nat King Cole, Peggy Lee, Carmen McRae, Anita O’Day and of course Ella Fitzgerald.

Ms. Deminski has studied with Grammy nominated jazz vocalist Roseanna Vitro; jazz vocalist and Newark, NJ native Carrie Jackson; and vocal technique guru Barbara Maier.

Other artistic pursuits…

A photo of me behind Amsterdam's Centraal Station, June 2013

A photo of me behind Amsterdam’s Centraal Station, June 2013

Carol’s 30+ published short stories have appeared in small press literary magazines including: Word Riot, PANK, Metazen (Canada), Dogzplot, Foundling Review, Bartleby Snopes, Atticus Review, The Northville Review, Spilling Ink (Scotland), Pure Slush (Australia) and elsewhere. In 2013 Ms. Deminski’s flash fiction work was nominated for a Micro Award by the editor of Blink Ink Magazine.

She also wrote the script for Jordan’s Jackhammer, a short film directed by Hiroshi Hara and starring Raul Torres. Her screen writing credit can be found on IMDB.

Carol is an avid traveler, and has blogged about her travels to places like Thailand; Hong Kong; the Philippines; Prague, Czech Republic; Switzerland; Spain; London; and many other places. Photos and stories can be found on this blog.

Ms. Deminski was born and raised in New Jersey. She holds a Masters degree in English Literature from New York University, and a Masters in Library Science from Rutgers University. She currently lives in Jersey City, NJ.

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  1. Hi, Carol. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on one of my posts. It’s great to be read!

    I enjoyed your post on annoying bloggers. I thought it might be fun to leave a comment employing all of the “don’t” that you mentioned, but maybe something like that comes across as not so amusing.


    • You’re welcome, and thanks for dropping by for a visit. I post my humor pretty frequently, so please feel free to subscribe. This way you’ll have many more opportunities to comment – based on my scan of your blog, I’m sure you’d have some great observations.

      In any case, thanks for the comment!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on one of my posts. I really appreciate your insight in editing and your idea to use index cards. I am using Scrivener for Windows and will probably use your idea with their corkboard layout. Thanks again.

  3. Great blog with some great stuff. I see that you got nominated for the Liebster and I wanted to make sure you got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award too. Keep up the great writing. You can check out the rules for the award here on my blog http://wp.me/p1VZRr-ey

    • Well, thanks so much H. Conrad, that’s so nice. It’s just such a kind gesture of you. That people think of me, or my blog, as worthy of any attention whatsoever is always a surprise to me somehow. THANK YOU!!!

  4. You’ve got a nice blog there!
    Keep writing!

  5. Hi Carol,

    Checking in here. I remember watching the World Trade Center towers being built. We would look north from Sandy Hook and there they were, clear as day on the horizon. Now get some sleep.



    • Doug, it’s true you can see lower Manhattan from Sandy Hook even on a hazy day, it’s amazing how close it is…

      But I took the image on my About page directly across the Hudson River at sunset. I have to admit, we have such an amazing view of lower Manhattan from the Jersey City side. I should take a newer photo and post it below the old one so people can see the amount of progress that’s been made at Ground Zero.

      Thanks for your comment,

  6. hello

    david in Maine USA

  7. very nice to meet you

    David in Maine USA

  8. i had to say hello twice 🙂

  9. Hi Carol! I love reading your blog, so I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award. If you’d like to participate, see here:


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